Grillpan 890


Diameter                                         890  +-10 mm

Material                                           5mm (st235)

Handles                                            d12 mm  (st235)

Surface texture                                  unmanufactured

The substrate                                     painted

Grillpann 890 is suitable for use with a basis of three ring gas burner


Diameter                                        700 +-10 mm

Length                                           1000  +-10mm

Highness:                                     850 +-10 kuni 870 +-10 mm   (Feet portable, height-adjustable feet)

Gas burner:                                   enamelled steel 16,4 kw

The products are made from partially handicraft procedure and therefore, their technical specifications differ from the one shown in the list.


Grillpan 890 to be reconciled, grillpann heating to heat up, as well as get hot grill pan handles. The handles can be lifted only by the cooled grill pan, or by using a heat-resistant glove or other heat resistant material. Heat a grill pan bare skin exposure, as well as a grill pan of hot food can cause skin burns.

Grill pan base tube legs, wind protection, teraspõletil (hereinafter the "burner") may only be used outdoors. You must follow all fire safety requirements established by law, in particular, not to use the burner flammable objects and substances in the vicinity of the buildings closer than six meters.

In use, the burner heats the burner or the burner flame and the exposure can cause burns.

Or hot-water boilers fired burners must not be left unattended in the vicinity of a dangerous or children


Grillpan 890 may kasutadagaasipõletiga grill pans under the stove and the campfire under. Before first use, the grill pan, wash with warm water and detergent, rinse and then dry. After some heated grill pan, and processed pork fat, with the need to avoid overheating the pan.

After the washing with water, the grill pan greased with oil or lard.

Grill Pans should not be left outdoors for a long period of time - moisture damages the pan surface.

The torch is designed primarily for use with the 890 Grillpann with.

Download and install the burner feet liblikpoltidega confirm. Leg height can be adjusted according to the ground about 70 mm.

Connect the torch gas hose and gaasireduktori using gas cylinders (propane / butane "gas"). You can only use the gas for the gas hose connections and gaasireduktorit purposes, as well as a gas cylinder. It is necessary to make sure that all connections have been performed properly, or let the gas out (not leaking).

Making sure that all safety regulations are followed and that all connections are executed properly, open the valve of the cylinder (reducer valve) to open the valve a little torch to ignite the burner and the gas exhausted from the long match or a lighter. Avoid excessive avamist- burner valve can cause excessive combustion which can cause burns, fire or other disaster.

 Place the burner grillpann and can take up to cook.