Grill 560                                                                                        Grill 800         

With our barbecue grills You can prepare splendid grilled meals. Our grills have an upgrade that ensures the grilled products will be tasty and juicy.

In the bottom there is a grate made out of steel (4-5 mm thick). The height of the grate is adjustable with a lever. The grills also have a steel cooking grid (3 mm thick, with 20x20 mm squares). Smoke extraction is controllable with a damper, located in the chimney. The chimney is detachable.

The part of the oven where the grilling takes place, is painted with a heat-resistant silicon based paint, other metal parts with weather-resistant roof paint.

The standard sizes are 80 cm and 56cm.

Check out the introduction video below

NB! Upon ordering it is possible to have changes made to the barbecue grills if the customer desires.


Watch the video here and here